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This is gonna be an epic thread....

Originally Posted by houdini View Post
I can offer this.

The account munchiesthemonkey711 is in fact papiis01. I posted that original thread and I confronted papiis01 when I discovered it was him.

He intentionally bid up my card - Taylor Price.

He did not pay.

When I confronted papiis01, he lied to me. Twice.

I was very disappointed in that. I have been in contact with the original munchies ever since.

I can back up that he does routinely bid up Taylor Price cards and not pay. I can confirm that he is munchiesthemonkey711.

I also relayed all of this to a mod previously, but there really wasn't anything to do about it.
Also you must not know how the internet works....The Tuck rule game was the 2001 AFC championship game......Patriots won by 3 points. Google it ....
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