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but.. but.. there are 50 of those and there is no kiss or clothing in that card.

2012 Benchwarmer Vault Sara Underwood Auto Kiss Card 15 Red Version D 14 15 | eBay

i don't understand any of this, though i admit this girl is smoking hot. i think she was in a playboy i bought years back.

incoming rant..

/sigh @ idiots who bid war. we use ebay so we can get a deal.. don't we?

/sigh @ early bidders/auto bid who use this "set it and forget it" method, they aren't serious about the auction, they are only jacking the price up and they 9 times out of 10 won't even win the item. people who are serious who wanted a deal, can no longer can the item at a deal price, but will pay more because they are infact serious about the item.

/sigh @ people who jack up the price when they don't intend to buy, just to spite the other bidders. this is just as bad as shill bidding.

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