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Originally Posted by Ronin View Post
/sigh @ early bidders/auto bid who use this "set it and forget it" method, they aren't serious about the auction, they are only jacking the price up and they 9 times out of 10 won't even win the item. people who are serious who wanted a deal, can no longer can the item at a deal price, but will pay more because they are infact serious about the item.

/sigh @ people who jack up the price when they don't intend to buy, just to spite the other bidders. this is just as bad as shill bidding.
Originally Posted by Ronin View Post
I understand that, but I think I made it pretty clear I was commenting from a buyers perspective. I do respect your stance. As a seller myself, I want to get a good price for everything I put up, but I still try to stay competative.
So, just to get things don't like when people's bidding habits "jack up the price" of items unless they are yours...and I am the one who doesn't look at both sides of the coin. Makes sense now.
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