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The question really should be is this his best start to a season?

We are 19 games into the season. It is quite a stretch to look at his statistics now and ask if it is his best season ever. He is one of the top 5 players to ever play the game. A stretch of 19 games is not worthy of being compared to his career achievements. Also, if he continues to play at this intensity and these minutes I doubt he will continue to be as efficient. That team needs to learn to play as a team and take some of the load off of his back as they head into December, January and February.

How does this year compare to the first 20 games of his other seasons in terms of stats, minutes and efficiency? That will be a better indicator as to where he is at this point.

If he continues on this pace, and can maintain it, and can get the Cavs to the finals then it will be in the running as his best season.
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