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Originally Posted by Imac7065 View Post
I never even heard of the bench until someone AT A TRADE SHOW asked me to join it because he was a member and wanted some feedback. I actually remember the TR issue quite well. Since you are obsessed with me so much I will gladly tell you...

I had just watched a documentary that said MC Hammer was a VP of the Oakland A's at the age of 12 or 13... a mod on that site was apparently an A's fan.. got really offended by this, called me a liar for about a week.. then banned me. It was LITERALLY because I said MC Hammer was an executive of the A's as a child (which he was FYI). That's how weird these sites were back in the day. I'm sure others have horror stories from back then as well, TR is a joke of a site today. I had forgotten about this for years until I started doing online trading again in 2011.
Another $1 for you!

Well then Jeremy people have been using your name and address since 2003. You must make quite an impression.

Go look at the banned members list and see if that is your name and address, as of 2003. If it was then someone ripped off another member at the Bench using that information.

I'm sure if we can find the Archives the posts will be nothing like you have ever posted. LITERALLY

I'm sure it's not you though!
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