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Originally Posted by xbignick View Post
Bowman Chrome=prospects from the past year, veterans
(some notables from 2012 bowman chromes autos: Billy Hamilton, Jonathan Singleton, Jorge Soler)
Bowman draft=guys drafted in June+guys called up during the season
(some notables from 2012 bowman draft autos: Albert Almora, Mike Zunino)

Depends who you prefer. I'd look at the checklist for each and see which guys I like more. This year I bought five bowman draft, zero bowman chrome. Last year think I bought one bowman chrome and three bowman draft.

I prefer draft myself because I follow the draft and prospects. Also, kind of an odd idea but even if you get a bad hit in can become a good hit. Kind of a loose example but a couple people complained about hitting Jose Fernandez in 2011 bowman draft, especially since it was a redemption, but then he had a great year and his autos have gone for a pretty great price.

Welcome, hope you hit some great stuff.

You are such a nice guy, thank you, I will make up my mind soon ......
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