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Originally Posted by Wolves4Life View Post
As a Flyer fan I hope Mason is on his game these playoffs but 1 game at a time. I hope we can beat the Rangers You will never see me say it's in a bag for any of the teams I follow cause you just never know. Our team is way better than we were to begin the season that's for sure or we wouldn't be here. We just need to play and not let the physical play get to us, Let the Rangers commit the dumb penalties. Giroux SHOULD win the MVP this year for his part in helping us rebound from the bad start but I am sure NHL will make sure that cry baby from Pittsburgh gets it. Let's hope we can get it done though.

Yeah both teams had horrible starts this year, I feel the Rangers had the better excuse though lol, new coach and new system was being brought in so it was tuff. To be honest I did t think the Rangers would make it to the playoffs this year I was looking forward to next year with the system working at full potential. I am really surprised to how the team has turned it around. And like they say anything can happen once you make the playoffs. It's all about momentum.
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