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Originally Posted by asujbl View Post
You lost me.

Vikings fans are supposed to be excited that Ponder compares favorably to when Alex Smith was awful?

That's supposed to make them feel better about using a 1st rounder on him? That they will have to wait 5-10 years, wait for a dominant defense, and better WR's?

Interesting take.
What I am saying is that everyone wanted Alex Smith out of San Fran when he wasn't living up to the 1st overall pick. Nobody would ever give him the chance to play a complete season, but once he got that chance, he went 13-3 and led the 49ers. Ponder hasn't been the instant savior that everyone was hoping, but I am saying give him a chance. He very well could be Alex Smith v2.0.

The only difference is, Ponder has played on a winning team in his first 3 season, whereas Smith's best starting record in his first 5 seasons was 5-5. The thing is, the 49ers gave him a chance year in and year out and it paid off for them and now it is paying off for the Chiefs.
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