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So there will be 4,000 autos total in the 100 boxes, but the total auto count is 4,120, if each signer has all the base and parallels.
So either a few of the top signers don't have a base/parallel, or each box will actually give you 41 autos (very unlikely)

I would rather see someone like Ford have the 40 base and 3 1/1 autos rather than have just the parallel autos. People would want to be able to make the base auto set rather than have a parallel of someone, unless it was the 1/1 IMO.

So do we all assume that you will get each of the 40 signers per box, it is just a matter of which version you get?

So if there are 40 for each version you will get this breakout:

Base #/40: 16
Blue #/25: 10
Green #/20: 8
Purple #/10: 4
Gold #/5: 2
Galactic Black 1/1: 0.4
Rebel Alliance Orange 1/1: 0.4
Imperial Red 1/1: 0.4
Total: 40 Autos
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