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Originally Posted by ChristopherZero View Post
I was tempted to go to garden state but it was a trip for me, so I took a pass
But, one of the dealers has been attending Collingswood Auction, so I've been getting my fix there

Amazing spideys btw
I lived about a mile from Mennan Arena. Moves to Piscataway right before the first show there. It's been an interesting few years. Last year was the highlight for me, strictly do to Kevin Eastman being the headliner. Not often you get access to a creator like him at such a small event. This year Finch was the biggest deal, but honestly he has done several of the smaller shows in the area so not really a huge get in my eyes. Made it difficult to overcome the kinda poor logistical set-up of the show. Think I walked away with enough books to make the $35 entry fee worth it (saved $12 on shipping my CGC order, at least).
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