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Originally Posted by DarthRogahn View Post
The difference in price also factors in with how many are under census.
ASM 301 is the perfect example that there are not many 9.8s around so that price will be a premium compared to a 9.6
Exactly, plus the difficulty in obtaining a 9.8 grade on the book. A recent example would be Teen Titan #12 by DC. Most were printed with defects which are making 9.8 grades nearly impossible. Even with pressing I'm having difficulty hitting 9.8's on these, and judging from how many 9.8's are out there, I'm not the only one, so a 9.8 on this book will pull in a premium over a 9.6 as the 9.6 is more common. There is no percentage or known multiplier, there are other factors that help determine value like mentioned above, as well as scarcity of book and demand.
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