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Originally Posted by the27guy View Post
It's crazy, but I still feel like we know nothing.

The East is not strong. I wouldn't be surprised if Toronto, Boston, Philly or Cleveland go the finals.

In the West.... again, not sure. Houston is playing the best.

Here's a question for everyone. Assuming the Jazz, Rockets, C's, Raps, and Cavs win their series, how would you rank the top 8 teams? Feels like outside of Houston, the next 7 are really debatable.
I would say that I probably agree with you re: West vs. East. As others have mentioned, it's not going to stay like this next year with the Sixers and Celtics rising (although, LeBron heading West would be material), but it's definitely evident this year.

1) Houston
2) Golden State
3) Utah
4) Philadelphia
5) New Orleans (tough team to rank, almost put them at #4)
6) Cleveland
7) Toronto
8) Boston

For the record, based on how these teams have played thus far in the playoffs, Cleveland should be dead last on this list. If Brown/Tatum can ascend to true #1 option this playoffs and break out, the C's may be the best team in the East. Same thing with the Raptors duo. But until then, LeBron is LeBron.
Predators / Grizzlies / Bengals
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