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Go ahead as if you have the correct number of starts left to use. If it doesn't get fixed tonight, I'll send you a message tonight or tomorrow night to get figured out who you want to be able to use and can adjust the scoring from there if necessary

Originally Posted by Sportscards515 View Post
There seems to be an issue with my SP limit this week. The scoreboard says I have used 6 starts so far this week however, I have only used 5 starts. The issue could be with Clay Bucholtz because he was scratched right before Thursday's start but he never threw a pitch. Any way this can be changed?
Originally Posted by Bosox34 View Post
Yeah I can vouch for 515 and say that he should have one less SP started than it states. I also think the issue is with Buccholz’s start yesterday because he was a late scratch. ESPN might correct it soon when they issue their stat corrections.
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