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Originally Posted by mcdo0423 View Post
They are saying they aren't paying for the tix due to the obstruction but are really doing it because they don't want to see the crap the Marlins are fielding. That isn't much of an obstruction. I may be in the minority but I think they need to pay up. They agreed to 2 years and are looking for any loophole they can.
When you pay for aspirational seats like that, you don't expect them to plop a billboard in front of you mid-season. It's absurd that they couldn't have made it 5 inches shorter.

It's not like they just decided they didn't like the team this year. They were asking for it to be fixed as soon as it was put up.

Jan and Bill Leon told the Miami New Times (them again?!) that they paid $25,000 for two seats along the third-base line for the inaugural season at Marlins Park in 2012, but the team put up a billboard at midseason that blocked part of their view and put them in greater danger regarding foul balls. Requests made by phone and letter asking the team to move their seats to a new location, or to have the billboard shortened (go digital!), went unanswered, the Leons said. When the season ended, the Leons informed the Marlins they would not be returning for another year (their agreement was for two seasons) unless their complaints were addressed. And they wouldn't be paying unless the Marlins did.
So fix the billboard or move their seats and they'll pay. Simple. It has nothing to do with them not wanting to pay. They just don't want to pay for those blocked seats.
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