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Originally Posted by GOWIFB View Post
It may be true at this point that they don't want to pay because of the team dumping everyone and putting a lame product on the field. However it sounds like they did voice their concerns early on about it. Also, so what if they are looking for a loophole? The view could be considered one of numerous reasons why they may want to breach their contract. As someone else said, when you purchase a seat at a stadium you are buying the view that it provides. If they change that view, that person should not be forced to continue to pay for the seats. I know you think it isnt much of an obstruction, but how can one really determine that? What is the limit of how high they have to raise the railing before you consider it an obstruction? 12 inches? 18 inches? I mean you really cant come up with an arbitrary number that says what is truly an obstruction. Different people would have a different interpretation. That is why I think they should be able to pull out of their agreement.

In regards to the person that wrote the letter, I dont necessarily blame him for anything. I know to alot of people he looks like the bad guy. But more than likely, all that is going on is he is notified by his people in billing that someone hasnt paid for their next season of seats and so he sends out a letter requesting payment. He may not have known anything about the concerns that the customers had in regards to the seats when he sent that letter. I think the situation though just speaks poorly of the whole Loria run operation. Really doesnt surprise me if he runs a business where there is no communication and which has poor customer service.
You are right, we don't know how much of an obstruction it is unless we were actually in those seats but from the pic it doesn't look like enough. If the billboard obstructed more than just some grass outside of the baseline and actually obstructed viewing the game, I would agree with the seat holder. If it just obstructed a small area of grass that rarely sees baseball action, I would have to side with the Marlins.
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