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Originally Posted by pskell02 View Post
Just sad...I expected so much more out of you

Never know, you could end up with the #1 pick. All depends on how much likes you when I do the randomization.
I know... and I may do more. I told Chris I wasn't participating in this one, since I've busted more than enough of it. Once it got posted, I reconsidered... I just hate to see a baseball break go by without my incessant pissing and moaning, and I can't do that from the sidelines

EDIT: #1 pick in the Bowman's Best break - Yankees - no A-Rod, Cano or Joba AUs... #1 pick in the '06-'08 BDP break - D-Rays - no Longoria in either '06 or '08... #1 pick in the 3-case '07 BDP break - Heyward - no parallels. You should all hope that my obnoxious little slot gets the #1 pick, since that usually means good things for the rest of the top selections

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