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Originally Posted by mjones6 View Post
I will always accept a POSTAL Money Order from Ebay. It is not "illegal". I will not accept cash knowingly, although it has showed up on occasion. It will take them longer to get their package this way.

On a non-ebay note.... I collect rent on a daily / weekly basis as part of my job. I get handed cash all day long and DON'T like it. I tell the tenants to get a 7-11 or postal money order (no others) and actually tell them I'll take 5.00 off for their efforts. I add in the 5.00 when I turn it in. Reduces the risk of being robbed in some neighborhoods, but more importantly eliminates any possibility of them saying "I gave him XXX dollars". Really... show me your reciept from the MO company.
Originally Posted by alazarevich View Post
Site Preferences -> Buyer Requirements -> Edit -> check the box that says: "Block buyers who don't have a PayPal account".

That should make the change right away.

Most buyers, in my experience, actually do read the terms, as long as it isn't more than a couple of small paragraphs. Some don't read it though, and those take time and energy to deal with answering their questions.

And MasterDark is right, I think, it is not illegal to accept cash. I went through this with eBay about a month ago, a buyer kept nagging me if I'd accept a money order, and I kept telling him I couldn't. But I looked into in detail, and found that while eBay says they don't recommend accepting anything but PayPal, they never actually require it. I called eBay to make sure, and it's true, sellers can accept ANY form of payment, but they are not required to accept any form either. (well, if a buyer wants to pay with PayPal, I think the seller has to accept that, right?)
Trying not to make this a hobby horse, this is what ebay says are under their Accepted Payments Policy. Please note, neither cash or money orders are listed under here. You can check this out under the help feature for yourself.

Our Accepted Payments policy helps ensure that buyers and sellers on eBay are offered safe, convenient payment options.

For most categories, sellers need to offer one or more of the following electronic payment choices:

Credit card or debit card processed through the seller's Internet merchant account
ebay changed their policy last year and now added unpaid buyer assistant. They can argue till the cows come home and having 4,000 positive buying feedback using cash is not going to help them not receive a NPB strike from ebay.
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