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Originally Posted by Lockdown32 View Post
Ebay sent out emails awhile back saying that sellers can only accept paypal. They can and will end your auctions if you put anywhere in it that you accept payments other than paypal. Sure you can take them, but ebay will do nothing to cover you if you do.
That is what I am concerned about with taking cash on ebay. If I use paypal I have free use of unpaid buyer assistant, which has already helped me out once. If I receive cash, I have no argument with ebay if the person leaves me a negative. If I use paypal, I can get the negative taken off very easy if the person doesn't pay. I would highly recommend that nobody accepts cash payments on ebay.

Oh, by the way, I went under help and found the instructions to change my settings to block every buyer who has 2 unpaid buyer strikes within a month, and that doesn't have a paypal account. Hopefully this will even things out a bit.
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