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Originally Posted by IndySportsCards View Post
Yeah, I don't dislike Bradley Cooper, but I like when new people are given a chance instead of putting famous faces behind comic characters.
Agree 100% with this. I've made it no secret that the Silver Surfer is my favorite character and (a bit off-topic) while the the FF/Surfer movie was horrendous, I LOVED the way the Surfer looked on the screen. And then he talked and all I was thinking the whole time is "why is Morpheus's voice coming out of the Surfer's mouth?" I love Laurence Fishburne, but I didn't want to think about his voice every time the Surfer spoke.

(Back on topic) - give this to someone who is NOT a well known actor instead of someone who we can instantly tell who it is.
Always looking for Roy Oswalt and Silver Surfer!
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