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I have that SPX Holoview Heroes set, but I got the Jordan way before the price spike. I stopped 90s set chasing a long time ago mostly due to MJ prices. I only pick up cards these days that are visually appealing to me.

It sounds like you are primarily focused on doing mastery sets, but I would argue that some of the super expensive parallels you might be chasing are not worth the effort unless you are dead set on doing a mastery. That 95/96 upper deck set (Jerry Stackhouse RC ) for instance has amazing photography and is definitely one of my favorites, but I find that the parallels for that set are kind of lacking and I personally think that the electric court lightning bolt takes away from the overall look of the card.

I have a mini collection of Jordan PSA 10 Upper Deck base cards. I like them because they are all amazing in-game action shots and are reasonable priced because they were mass produced.
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