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I'd love to hear from Jordan collectors who are not loaded / wealthy as well. (By this I mean guys that are not able, or are unwilling to spend upper hundreds, or a four figure amount on a SINGLE.) Will you continue to collect, or do you see an end on the horizon?

I only have a few sets and I'm putting together a monster 86 Fleer set. I collect MJ, Magic, Larry, and Shaq.

My MJ buying has significantly slowed. I will not pay the current prices on some of his cards. He has several cards that I should have purchased years ago that are now out of my price range. I probably buy more for my nephews at this point: LeBron, Curry, CP3, and Davis.

I continue to buy the cards I need for the 86 Fleer set, but there are a few cards that will really hurt my wallet to buy in a nice BGS 9.

I start a new job tomorrow and I am probably going to take a break from collecting for a while--this job will take a lot of focus. I will continue to look at 86 Fleer and the packs I collect. That's about it. I have not put a new MJ on my watch list in over a week. I have considered stopping altogether.

I only responded to this thread because I like the OP. Haha.

Of course, I will continue to stock up on Stadium Club Shawn Bradley RCs.
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