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Originally Posted by Cubfan86 View Post
That is what I was thinking. The auction cost $39 to do featured+, The final value fee is close to $100, I am picking up the shipping plus how much to paypal?? I am going to lose close $300-400 after all is said and done.
300-400 See below

$2500-$39+97.50(Canadian Buyer Paypal)or $72.50(USA Paypal)$75-$100(ebay final cost)= Final Loss $211-$236

$2800-$39+109.20(Canada) or $81.20(USA) $84-$112= Final Loss $232-$260

Dealer will not give you $3k at a National's they will give alot less. If you meet a fellow collector they pay 3k. Dealers will need to resell don 't forget.

I would counter this guy $2750. This way you come away with $2500. JMO
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