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Originally Posted by finfangfan View Post
Yeah.. I don't think people would pay much for a blank*. When Topps did the You Sketch It baseball inserts, those blanks were selling in lots of 10-20 for less than $1 a card. If you charge $20-$50 for a blank then people would be better off to apply that $ toward an AP (many artist charge around $50ish outright). Part of the appeal of the blanks is to give artists the opportunity to make more $ doing sketch cards. If the blanks are rare and sell for a premium only the upper tier sketch card artists (and name artists that don't normally bother with sketch cards) would be commissioned. Kind of defeats the purpose of the experiment IMHO.

*= granted official set blanks that "slip through the cracks" often sell for a premium though... But that is tied to rarity an the fact that they aren't supposed to be sold.
This is the appeal to you. I don't think this benefits Upper Deck or the artists, as I've stated elsewhere and several others have agreed. The only benefit to Upper Deck is that they would save $2-5/card (or whatever it is they pay the artists). It would cost me way more than $5 for a sketch, so the more I think about it the more I DON'T want blanks.
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