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Originally Posted by VinnyH View Post
I think the market is tough for any product that relies on sports figures from the past. The average 20-30 yr old collector didn't experience Frazier, Cooney, Griffith, Pryor, and a bunch of the boxers in the set.

Personally I think of Frazier as the second greatest modern day boxer. His battles with Ali were epic. I would bet on him against Tyson at both their peaks. Tyson was a great boxer. Why does Tyson sell better, he's more current and was in a funny movie.

There really aren't a lot of vintage collectors if you average them out with guys buying new stuff. Rookies and Strasburg Mania are the real active sectors of the hobby.

Maybe some day we'll have a decent chat room setup to discuss this kind of stuff. It would be nice to have a regular Thursday night get together.

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I agree 100%

If these guys aren't on Sportscenter,no one will have a clue who they are. A true collector,and someone who is a true boxing fan knows the greatness and the place in boxing history these guys hold.

I will disagree on Tyson. To me,he was great because he could knock you out,but if the fight went past the 3rd or 4th round,then he was in trouble as he didn't know how to actually fight
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