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Originally Posted by Zerokruel View Post
I'm not a huge boxing buff at all, but I love reading stories of boxing matches that went 20 rounds and more. Just something about toughness of those guys, that I just envy. Some great names: Jack Dempsy, John L. Sullivan, Jack Johnson, Kid McCoy, Jim Corbett, etc.
I was never a big fan of boxing growing up, but products like these, including Sportkings of course, gives me a new appreciation for these great sports figures. So much so that I'm only missing an autograph of Kid McCoy of these 5 that you mentioned. Just reading about these guys, (because of these products), is awe inspiring and something I would have never done if it weren't for an interest in these products.

Originally Posted by Stats View Post
Yeah, I think one of the most fun things about ringside (next to pulling one of the big autos and stuff) is reading the backs of all the cards. They actually increased my appreciation of the sport. I have the "Facing Ali" documentary in me Netflix queue because of all of this Ringside business.
I couldn't agree more! (see above post of mine).

And these boxing on-card autograph "cards" look so good in person. This is truly an under appreciated product that will only grow in value over time. It's a no-brainer in my opinion, and I believe very few complete sets of the autographed cards will be put together, making those that are quite appealing in the collecting world.

Originally Posted by John91C View Post
I have to agree...even in our group break the only person to make any money was the Ali auto slot. I had 4 slots and got a Tyson auto which covered 2 slots. I think I'll break even with everything sold!
It's not always about making money. I'll say it again...boxing "collectors" LOVE this product. They are the end-users of this product, and I think they are very, very pleased with it. Actually, I know they are.

It's unfortunate that in a bad economy, people can't make money on every box of cards. There are people that made money on this product, and there are probably more that are losing money because they don't know the best way to sell these cards. I will make money on my cards as well as add to my PC, and I didn't have an above average break either.
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