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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
It's not always about making money. I'll say it again...boxing "collectors" LOVE this product. They are the end-users of this product, and I think they are very, very pleased with it. Actually, I know they are.

It's unfortunate that in a bad economy, people can't make money on every box of cards. There are people that made money on this product, and there are probably more that are losing money because they don't know the best way to sell these cards. I will make money on my cards as well as add to my PC, and I didn't have an above average break either.
Yes we all know it's not always about making money...but there are "collectors" for every sport out there...some do it for the love of "collecting" for their pc some do it to make a quick sale so they can buy different items for their pc. It's not about the best way to sell the cards sometimes...sometimes its the product that just does not sell. This product is a great example of that. Unless you pull the Ali auto then you will not make money on this product. If I were to go out right now and buy this product it's a guaranteed loss when trying to resell if I do not pull an Ali auto. I sold my Tyson Auto for $170..the other autos sold for no more than $38 total (being Whitaker & Barkley). Like I said I think I'm lucky if I break even on this. Not everyone can afford to break cases like you. Not everyone is fortunate to have a pc like yours and have the attitude of "even if the case is at a loss it's for my pc". I just don't think you are looking at the big picture of the're looking at it as a collector!
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