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Wheeler you miss the point in all of this because you see things one way. The point to this product is simple. The single cards look nice to thats fine and dandy. For the single cards to be out and available to buyers, somebody HAS TO open it for it to be available. Is it wrong for people who like to open boxes to expect some value in return? Is that such a terrible thing in your eyes and the eyes of Dr Price? The cases, boxes, AND singles have all DROPPED LIKE A ROCK! The product holds LITTLE value. You are hearing disgruntled people who opened the product and expected VALUE. NEVER did any of us state we wanted to make money. We all know what we are getting when we open things. On the average boxes your looking at around $60-70 in cards. Thats PATHETIC. This product is the ultimate joke with VERY LITTLE fan base supporting it. You say its made alot of people happy? What the 5 people who are buying the ever decreasing in value singles? You guys buying these singles must be happy considering they drop like a rock daily and you TOO are losing money. Face it, this product was a stinker so move on.
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