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Originally Posted by cruiserdaddy7 View Post
For the single cards to be out and available to buyers, somebody HAS TO open it for it to be available. Is it wrong for people who like to open boxes to expect some value in return? Is that such a terrible thing in your eyes?
I meant to respond to this earlier, but forgot...

Of course I don't think it's terrible to expect some value in return for opening boxes. I just think that people should open boxes for the love of opening them and not for the prospect of making money.

Let me assure you of one thing...If all the rip and flippers went away, there would still be a ton of collectors. If singles weren't available, yet demand for them was there, product would unquestionably get opened. Sellers need buyers a WHOLE LOT MORE than buyers need sellers. To put it simply, collectors/buyers will always be able to open their own boxes if they so choose, and again, if the demand is there, there will always be someone willing to bust open product to sell singles.

I believe one problem in this hobby is there are too many people "expecting" to make a buck from ripping and flipping. If there were less box/case busters, there would be less singles available, and those singles would climb in price, because again, the collectors aren't going anywhere. For every one that leaves, there are more that enter the hobby.
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