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Originally Posted by cruiserdaddy7 View Post
And there is no buyer or sellers remorse here, just stating the FACTS. Other than Ali or Tyson, this stuff STINKS. Even a cut in this junk brings LITTLE in todays auctions. Can Sportkings possibly be THIS BAD? Hold on to whomever bought that stuff. $100 for a Steve Carlton auto isnt looking good.
I think there's a LOT of buyer's remorse with you. I could be wrong, but that's exactly what it looks like from all of your posts. Also, "just stating the facts".

Some cuts have went cheaper than I thought they would, but have you seen even half of them sell at auction? How about 25% of them? How about 10% of them? Of course you haven't, and therefore, since it's already been stated many times before in this forum, eBay is NOT the biggest and/or best place to sell all cards. There are other avenues out there. I have probably seen more sales of these cut autos than anyone else, and I can assure you, they can and do sell very, very well.

And to respond to your Sportkings comment...Did you know that empty boxes are being bought and sold for $15 each? Did you know that every single empty box in this product is worth that much to at least one buyer, and he will buy every single one offered to him? Can you name any other product out there where rip and flippers can sell every empty box for $15 each? Did you know that there's a very good chance of making money on SK if you know how to sell it correctly? You probably don't, but if you did, you'd be happy you're buying this outstanding product.
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