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I see so I can't have an "opinion" on what a collector has intentions for. Again yes the literal sense of a collector is the actual definition you copied and pasted but you forget the added value of why a collector collects certain cards. The intention of this also would go into the definition of a collector.

Here is another definition of what a collector is:
1. somebody who collects objects: somebody who accumulates objects for their interest, value, or beauty
Again...for their interest...some people collect cards for the sole interest of selling. You are thinking of a collector who solely keeps onto their items but you do not have to hold onto items to be a collector...they can buy and sell their collection but yet still be a collector but I guess I'm just not as smart as MrWheeler27.

So the few questions I actually ask you avoid...why is this? Doesn't matter to answer of taking the sideline pretty much answers the question.

If you know the answer to which degree Dr. Price hold to make him a Doctor then why not say so? Does he hold a Doctorate degree (academic) or a professional degree (Doctor of Medicine)? I would hope Dr. Price using his title as a DR is related to his profession of cards or somewhat related to this hobby otherwise he is not representing himself too well. This is coming from someone who regards academia in a very high standard.
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