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Originally Posted by romad97 View Post
About 3 months ago I purchased two cards, a Koufax auto and a Musial triple auto from member jj705a1 for $325. I made a lapse in judgement and payed him via paypal gift. I started contacting him about a month after payment was made and cards were not recieved. He at first, kept good contact with me ensuring me that he had in fact mailed the cards. He claimed to have DC but he said that he had gotten rid of the DC stub as he assumed that I had already recieved the cards. The member seemed like an honest guy, kept good contact but in the end, when I asked for a refund, he has not responded now in almost a full week. I now believe that I did in deed get played for a fool by this mamber. I encourage all of you to be aware of any dealings with jj705a1. I learned a big lesson here. I will never pay via paypal gift no matter what. My wife is so mad at me over this that she has told me I am not allowed to ever purchase anything off of this site again. I think this will blow over eventually, I have had some great deals with other member here but this deal, does put a bad taste in my mouth. Anyways, I am just posting this so that others here don't get taken the same way that I did.
Story sounds familiar. Have you posted this before?
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