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Default What We Have Learned So Far

Observations from the playoffs so far:

Memo to Don Cherry, European players have as much guts and heart as Canadians.

Cammy Ward is absolutely on fire, I wouldn't want to see the Hurricanes.

Simeon Varlamov is not ready for prime time... but he will be

Jose Theodore may never be ready for prime time again

Marc-Andre Fleury is now part of the goaltending elite

For at least one game, the Penguins were better than the Capitals

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are NHL superstars

Ryan Getzlaf is one mean mofo

Chris Pronger is one of the dirtiest players in the game (not exactly news)

Dan Cleary is clutch

Nik Backstrom is capable of carving up any defense with his passing skills, he might wind up being better than Adam Oates was

Regular season doesn't prove anything, just ask Alex Semin

Memo to Montreal Canadiens, re: Michael Ryder, payback is a b$%ch

Memo to Montreal fans, Carey Price is not your problem

For that matter, neither was Simeon Varlamov or Steve Mason

This divisional semifinal series was the best playoff series no one got to see, thanks for nothing Buttman
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