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Originally Posted by hermanotarjeta View Post
Yeah, that poor Ball kid, driving his Lamborghini, not knowing any better that stealing is a crime.

Most poor, beaten people are honest folks. They still have the honor to not steal.

Most petty thefts are committed by entitled millennials, who steal cause they got “nuthin better to do”.

Did I ever excuse his behavior? No...I said he should live with the consequences, whatever those may be.

What I do find amusing are the people that are wishing and praying on this family's downfall. To the point of wishing the U.S. law was restructured
to better punish future Ball family crimes. It's fascinating.

Is that how ye old Clint Eastwood generation x'ers do it over 'yonder?

I'm guessing you don't know why age has a strong correlation with crime occurrences, and just like to use it as another way to toss out more cliche millennial references.

I hope you take that same stance with every member of your extended family under the age of 25 that's been convincted for a crime. That is, unless you're all a beautiful pack wonderful, law fearing Pilgrims.
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