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Default Yanks where are you

His IDS: SC19 on topps forum has ripped off people there

Sportscard formum ripped off there

The Bench Forum ripped off there

NAME:RALPH Macchio JR age 29

same issue. He has been on this board twice in last 2 days. Cannot contact him. He was supposed to email me topps diamond codes (50) when he got delivery of my trade cards. Hasnt happened.
I have proof of delivery on monday to him of over $100+ in cards.

He also will not clear his message box to take anymore.

I hope there is a good reason.

If anyone has his contact info. please let us know



Originally Posted by sucram View Post
Can you please PM me about the trade that we made. Thank you. I have been trying to pm you but your messages are full... Thanks

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