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Originally Posted by neema View Post
No, apparently he was afraid of his wife finding out what he spent on the cards. Not sure a package coming would mean he spent tons of money. But he called the post office and had them return the package and not even attempt the delivery to his house but instead have it available at the PO for him to pick it up. My problem is I wanted to item sent to his house, yet they worked with him to have it available at the PO instead. But it is missing now, and he said it was never at the PO.
Unfortunately if the recipient requests for the delivery company to hold onto the item for pickup, whether it be USPS, UPS, etc., they will almost always go with their request, even if it is over the phone. The work I do deals with packages on a daily basis where a lot of people will contact UPS to refuse a delivery or setup a pickup because they won't be home.

Sorry man, I really hope this shows up for you. I would S my P's if this was happening to me.
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