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Default How much do we know about upcoming Star Wars sets?

What do we know about upcoming Topps Star Wars movie release sets? The Last Jedi Series 1 is coming Dec 20. This will have the next 5 cards of the "Rey Continuity" set (cards 6-10 out of 15). I heard that there is no Series 2 planned anymore. Can someone confirm this? If so, will there be 10 Continuity cards released in this set or will Topps stop at 10? Or will they just add them to some other random set (because, it's Topps). If this is the only set for TLJ (besides journey and countdown), will it have a story summary like we have usually seen in Series 2 cards? Would we know by now if there is a series 2 (I would think artists would be lined up for sketch cards and distributors would have received preliminary info by now).

Han movie set is coming in May (Sell sheet just dropped) Looks like no "Journey To Han" this time and I believe I read on this page that there would be no Series 2 for that set either. Can anyone confirm this? Any sketch artists working on this set yet or contracted for it?

Finally, it sounds like episode 9 will get a December 2019 release now. Have we heard if Disney will try to move film releases back to May in 2020 and beyond, or just continue with Christmas releases (I'm guessing that this is way too far down the road to know at this point).

Besides these, Stelar Signatures, and Black + White, any other sets in the pipeline?

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