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Here's what has been announced so far:

December 2017 - Stellar Signatures
December 2017 - High Tek
December 2017 - The Last Jedi
February 2018 - A New Hope - Black & White
May 2018 - Solo

There's been rumblings in the art community of another Galaxy set being worked on for later in the year.

As for the Last Jedi, I've seen no confirmation anywhere that there won't be a series 2, but we've yet to see any announcement either. In 2016, Rogue One series 1 was announced in July, and titled as being "series 1." Rogue One series 2 was announced by October.

This upcoming Last Jedi set has never had any mention of a "series" in the sell sheet. Same with the Solo movie, just going by what appears on the sell sheet.


Episode 9 will be a December 2019 release, but Disney didn't want it that way. Ticket sales are always better in the summer, when people can get out and stand in lines. Going forward, I believe they will try to pin them to May.
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