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Originally Posted by pengages View Post
Nice hit on Galchenyuk. To be very very honest, they priced this product so that you really have to hit a nice Gretzky or something huge to get your money back and then some.

Otherwise, pulling a Yakupov, Galchenyuk or Tarasenko, even low numbered, might bring you back 150-200 at the most.

You did a lot better than a lot of people, congrats on the MAF, Crystal Fasth and of course Galchenyuk
The most you will get for one of those 3 rookies even low numbered would be $75.00-$80.00, they have gone down in price since the initial release date!
So if I am going to be a hater who hates the Patriots then buddy I am going to be the best damn hater I can be. I AM ALL IN.

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