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Funny how this was uncovered from a simple "yes" answer on post #46 of this thread..... Such a crazy world we're living in. Good thing I asked on post #60 of this thread then, huh. Otherwise we would have never known.... Remember kids, ALWAYS ask questions in class! You're welcome!

Bottom line.... For ME, thanks to you, I will probably never buy a 90's Jambalaya card, ever! So this is a big deal for me. How can I ever be sure I have the real deal? So thank you!

Ill stick to the Fleer Retro ones.... Anyway, Lebron is not in the 90's set anyway

But you seriously just ruined it for me, and I'm pretty sure many others as well. I won't even ask you how many you've cut because I'm sure you would answer "just one" anyway...

Another piece of our great hobby is now ruined thanks to you.
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