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Originally Posted by Scottie View Post
Ahoy Indy, i guess you're like the governor round here...

I live just outside Glasgow in Scotland, home of Mark Millar & Grant Morrison.

Although Mr "Millarworld" is the most egocentric writer today, shame as he does still do some good stuff on occasion!
Millar drives me nuts, I had to quit following him on Twitter. I got tired of "I went to the bathroom at Glasgow International and there was a well read copy of Hit-Girl #2 on the floor! Even weary travelers are reading my prose! I am a genius" type posts. He loves to toot his own horn, repeatedly, non-stop.

I liked Nemesis though, great mini.

Scotland rules! My family is of Irish decent, and I've never been there, but I watch plenty of X-Factor, Big Brother, Britains Got Talent each year to see a bit on the TV and some of the people, even the wacky ones.
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