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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
People stand in lines for movie tickets? Those lines are outside?

Personally I find it hard to believe Star Wars will make significantly more money in May. Maybe a little because more people go out in May, but... People go out for Star Wars. Plus there will be blockbusters to contend with in May. Star Wars owns Christmas.
The money could indeed be significantly more. Here’s some seasonal data to look at from Box Office Mojo:

2017 Summer - $3,776,000,000
2016 Holiday - $2,882,000,000
2016 Summer - $4,452,000,000
2015 Holiday - $2,845,000,000
2015 Summer - $4,461,000,000

The Star Wars movies have owned the holiday season so far, as you say, but Disney shareholders want to own the year. They want the biggest bang you can get.

There’s a reason why the Han Solo movie is being released in May 2018, and not next Christmas. And Ron Howard is under the gun to make it happen.

Episode 9 was scheduled for a May 2019 release, but after Carrie Fisher’s passing, massive rewrites and change in director necessitated a reluctant push back to December.

I think it really wouldn't be surprising that all subsequent films will be scheduled in May going forward.
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