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Originally Posted by benshobbies View Post
Trying not to make this a hobby horse, this is what ebay says are under their Accepted Payments Policy. Please note, neither cash or money orders are listed under here. You can check this out under the help feature for yourself.
Please notice that they NEVER say that a seller CAN'T accept non-paypal form of payment. (check, cash, etc.)

I'm very familiar with the page you are quoting. If you dig another page or two, you'll see they also say things like: "it is very dangerous to accept cash", "using non-trackable forms of payment are bad for the buyer and seller", etc.

I used to be confused about their payment acceptance policy, so I opened a chat with an eBay rep, and that rep confirmed to me, in writing, that a seller can accept ANY form of payment as long as it doesn't break US or state law. (can't be paid in sex or something like that)

QUOTE from chat with eBay rep:
Heracel A.
It will be up to you if you will allow buyers to pay you through money order or check but we will not be able to trace this transaction if something went wrong.
Right, I understand that. So if I accept a check, I'm taking a risk, but I won't break any eBay selling rule, right? I won't hurt my status with you guys if I accept a check?
Heracel A.
That is correct Alex.

I accept any form of payment, checks, cash, money orders, PayPal, etc. I just can't require that. And I have to accept PayPal should a buyer want to pay with it.

Hope this helps,

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