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Originally Posted by nuccionino View Post
I'll do it, if I can remember haha so long ago. He bought cards, like $10 worth. I ship em and he says he never got em. That's fine, except he was threatening me the whole time and I'm like calm down. 2 PM's a day, freaking out. Had his buddies (more kids) trying to see if I had the cards FS, saying they would pay double (maybe he thought I'd do it?) I said nope, already sold. So I refund him, and then no contact for a month. I noticed this kid hasn't been on much since school started, kids, and then contacts me out of the blue. He asked me where the cards/money is at and I said I refunded you long ago, he said oh? Like he seem to believe me but still says he doesn't remember getting one and then left me a negative. Who knows haha.
He is probably upset that "Icarly" isn't on at the moment and wanted to take it out on you.
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