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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
Damn you came out firing, but there is a pretty simple hole in your theory

How could he buy all the cards after the win tonight and still get them in time to ship everything out by the 18th?

Originally Posted by Ajax1723 View Post
Just one of the theories floating around. I subscribe to the "he doesn't have enough cards to fulfill the lots" belief. He a,ready sent out some IOUs in the form of coupons (I was one of them) so I have a feeling he doesn't have the cards to fulfill the lots.

That's where it stops making sense though, everything that has happened, especially the things that have happened tonight, have made this situation very unsettling.
Kind of in response to both:

That's just a theory. What is clear to me is that Haiku posts "Buying for x amount of minutes threads". A few days-week later there is a quicksale, those cards are sold. Now all of a sudden he has a ton of inventory for 20k in mystery lots? I find that hard to believe. My theory may be spot on, after all he has enough credibility to get people to send him hundreds/thousands of dollars for cards without seeing them. I'm sure he has enough connections to come up with inventory in a hurry, or sent directly to the "mystery lot" buyer.

I'm not saying I am correct. I am just throwing out my opinion in hopes that others will come forward with information. I sat on information for two days. Who else is sitting on information?
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