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Originally Posted by Wise4671 View Post

If you have no proof of your theory I dont think you should slander someone like this.

I think you are way off base on this one. Like I posted before lets wait till his suspension is over and let him have a chance to speak before we jump the gun. This is getting way out of hand everyon is so quick to believe someone is out to get them that they are blinded buy the fact there may be something bad going on that he has to deal with. Maybe his someone in his family passed away and he is going through a really bad time right now. We don't know. Give it a few days.
I think people understand based on what was said the other night that something obviously is going on and people are understanding of that.

But if he was able to come on here and blast people to get suspended and PM people about what's going on and ask them to relay messages about how to get a refund, why didn't he just go in and refund us as he obviously had the time to do other things in here
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