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Originally Posted by pmannings#1fan View Post
No excuse in laziness especially when a buyer pays promptly.
You do realize that sellers do have lives outside of selling sports cards, don't you?

#1 - If a seller is selling multiple items, they may receive payments over the course of several days, and plan their trip to the post office accordingly. They're not going to make a trip to the PO every single day. When I used to sell, all my items ended on Sunday night. Payments would trickle in over the next couple of days, and I would make my weekly trip to the PO on Wednesday. This was stated in my listings, and if you didn't pay by Wednesday, you had to wait a week. Never had any problems.

#2 - Many rural sellers live a significant distance from the nearest PO.

#3 - Many sellers have full-time jobs and cannot get to the PO during the hours they are open.

Bottom long as a seller ships within the time frame specified in the listing, buyers have nothing to complain about.
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