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Originally Posted by morningrushnc View Post
I have plenty of packages that get shipped that never even show tracking, but still get delivered on time.

So I wouldn't always be so quick to blame "lazy" sellers just because something doesn't show up in tracking right away.
Yeah I can vouch for this, I drop stuff off at USPS or in the blue bins and sometimes it doesn't get updated for a full day or 2 (which freaks me out as the seller).

3-4 days shipping time is still reasonable IMO, I would never leave my packages in my own mailbox with the flag up, so sometimes it takes me 2-3 days to get the right package/box, shipping dealt with, and drop off. (Or take it to USPS on a lunch break).

5+ days without shipping is an issue, but I don't have much sympathy when people get mad because the card they are trying to flip ASAP doesn't show immediately.
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