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"Hi! Thank you for your purchase. Ebay provides all the tools you need to answer any question about shipping you may have. Tracking numbers can usually be found under the listing title in your purchase history page, Paypal also provides this info on the transaction page! They also provide an estimated delivery window, this is a window of dates that you can expect you item by based on handling time (another question that can be answered in the listing!) and the shipping service selected by the seller - ground, priority, standard etc etc. So no more waiting by your mailbox looking for your items! Just a quick click will tell you when your item is expected to arrive! These new tools provided are simply amazing and I swear by them when I'm a buyer! There is no need to contact a seller any more as all the questions are answered right there! However, should your package not arrive by the expected date, PLEASE contact me and I'll be all over USPS like a fly on poop to find your item! Thank you very much and enjoy your item!"
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