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Default When a purchase destroys the value of your PC

OK, it's not quite like that, but it's something.

I put in a snipe bid on a PC card last weekend. I won't say what I bid, but let's just say that given where the card ended I could have purchased more copies of this card than actually exist.

Alex Wood 2013 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor #5/5, BGS 9.5 RCR

$15.61 shipped

When Wood started the season 10-0 last year, I became the owner of a small money-printing machine. I sold a red refractor, a couple oranges, three or four black refractors, a gold or two, etc etc. I made back a significant portion of what I've put into the PC. If money were the object, I definitely should have sold it all then!!!

This is really a lesson in the volatility of modern card collections, and just how quickly people move on to newer players. The Dodgers were way out in first when Wood was pitching lights-out, and a few Dodger collectors became very interested. Now the Dodgers are turding it up, Kershaw is out (the Kershaw/Wood correlation meant more for the value of my collection than perhaps anything else), and even though Wood is still pitching moderately well (3.32 ERA, 2.71 FIP, 1.02 WHIP, 5.67 K/BB) ... he's only got one win to show for it, and the few who cared have moved on.

You guys with years-long player PCs, following the ups and downs of your favorite players, will certainly resonate with how it feels. For me ... I guess I got a tremendous PC card for much less than I was willing to pay.
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