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Originally Posted by dasiegel View Post
Yea that is so funny I saw that too. the clover things were selling at like 3 mil the other day, wow! This promo is driving me nuts. Besides my bad luck in packs I just can't see how I'm gonna really improve my team much. I still can't even get a 32 player, wtf. It takes forever just to get a 64 elite. Looked promising early because it was easy to get most of the 86 guys. But 10 gold bracket players is a ton and that's only part of the way to 1 elite and you need 2 to really get anything... Ughhh. one thing I will avoid is the bracket hunt. I am just gonna focus on Melo so I can use other brackets from laettner and curry to fill that void.

I believe this is correct. It is all about the 111 222 333 thing to see where you fall. I don't know why EA has these auction houses. It's very strange. Can you switch auction houses? I'm seasoned in the game but I'm a newbie to these behind the scenes special effects lol.
I'm trying the same strategy for the Madness promo. Stopped spending $$ and looking to just grind for Melo. Building these sets is expensive though! (in coins)

Give me your Deng cards!
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